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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Baldwin on Government Shutdown  CSPAN  January 11, 2019 10:48pm-10:57pm EST

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their family are seeing whether it's pair coast guard act the end of government shutdown act than a personnel act, butut thoh are simply band-aids and quite honestly they're nothing more than messages right - now. but what i am hearing from folks is, keep a secure protector borders, deal with humanitarian issues but allow our government to function. go to work, stop arguing about who's winning and let's get the government open. >> i wise to speak about president trump's shut down in the real pain that is causing in my home state of wisconsin in communities across his country. the truck shutdown is now in its 21st day.
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tying the longest federal government shutdown on record. today is also the day that approximately 800,000 federal workers won't get their regularly scheduled paychex. including approximately 3,000 wisconsinites. many of these workers are doing their jobs without pay. coast guard workers, transportation security administration agents, air traffic controllers, along with federal law enforcementcl including fbi, dea agents. these hard-working americans are suffering because president trump and republicans in congress refused to support bipartisan legislation to in the shutdown and reopen the government. we should be working today to pass bipartisan legislations to
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in the senseless and useless shutdown and reopen the government. sadly no robes are scheduled today by the senate majority leader. meaning, the truck shutdown will continue. the house did their job and past two in the trump's shut down but huleader mcconnell has objectedo bring this legislation up in the senate. in fact yesterday i joined many of my colleagues on the senate floor in an effort to pass once again bipartisan legislation to reopen the government. but majority leader mcconnell blocked our efforts. and the pain will continue for so many across his country. why is a government shutdown?
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over the past three years president trump has publicly promised well over 200 times that mexico would pay for his wall. now he has shut down our lugovernment over his failure to keep his promise. he even said that he takes pride in this trump shutdown. the american people should not pay for this deception. and congress should not make taxpayers pay billions of dollars for his wasteful and ineffective wall. what we should do instead is reopen the government. in pass bipartisan homeland security legislation again
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supported both by democrats and republicans, that provide smart and cost-effective border security. president trump shutdown has many consequences and has created many victims. i want to speak about some of the pain wisconsinites are feeling. the shutdown is hurting farmers, and world communities. it really cannot come at a worse time. wisconsin lost over 600 dairy farms last year end over 500 the yearin before. in response congress work together on a bipartisan basis to pass a farm bill that would support our farmers and our rural economy. but unfortunately with the shutdown president trump has threatened all of that progress.
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his shutdown is stalling theem implementation of the bipartisan farm bill. in delaying things like subsidy payments, farmers need to get ready for the spring planting season and plan how they will endure in these very uncertain market conditions. we have heard from farmers about the pain that the trump shutdown is causing them. here's one story, michael flattery, he is a green farmer from manitowoc county wisconsin. he is waiting on $9000 that the department of agriculture agreed to pay him to compensate him for the losses of the president's trade war. and for conservation efforts that he participates in and his
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farm. mr. flattery plant uses money to get ready for the upcoming plantingn, season. but now that is on hold. we are being played the stooge. he is right. farmers like him have suffered enough under this t administratn in the trump shutdown is just another blow for mr. flannery and farmers like himim across wisconsin in the entire nation. i also heard from kelly, kelly lives in black river falls wisconsin. kelly has a disability, and she also takes care of the grandchild with a disability. kelly received funding from the department of agriculture including a program that helps low income and underserved people in rural communities.
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the usda had agreed to help her close on a home. and to help her make some immediate home repairs. but now the funding is on hold and she cannot pay the contractor who made the repairs and she is also having trouble paying the mortgage. what is the department of agriculture doing to help or assist kelly? well right now, nothing. she can't even get information from the usda because of the trump shutdown. prople like kellyanne michael should not have to suffer because president trump has a
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shutdown. democrats in republicans agree that president trump should end his shutdown and except bipartisan legislation to fund the department of agriculture and reopen other agencies in tha government. in fact, the house passed barb partisan legislation just yesterday to fund the u.s. d.a. and reopen for business. unfortunately the senate majority leader is blocking that legislation two. i am calling through vote on the united states senate to a house pass to fund the government which republicans have previously supported and would reopen the federal government and finally in the trump shutdown. we should pass this legislation.

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